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Beauty And The Beast!

Into The Woods by Jessica Hall

After being framed for her parent’s death and ending up in an insane asylum, Maya escapes and hopes to settle down in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The small house seems like the perfect place to bury the ghosts of her past, but sometimes, those ghosts refuse to stay dead, and perfect isn’t so perfect after all.

After meeting her neighbor Drake and the two men who live with him, Maya notices things aren’t quite right with the three men. She didn’t think her life could get any stranger, but when she notices the animals hunting her—particularly the wolves. Maya finds herself in a never-ending battle to keep them away, much to her landlord and his friend’s amusement. Little does she know that those wolves are more than they seem, and so is her landlord. That they aren’t just stalking her as prey, but they are hunting their mate.

Author Note: The first six chapters are on the darker side, but this book is a comedy romance.

©2023 Jessica Hall (P)2023 Jessica Hall

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